Thank you for your interest in becoming an FIGT affiliate!
Completing the following form is an important step to launching your group. Please read and respond to each question carefully. You will receive an automatic confirmation that your application has been received, followed by a more detailed response from our Affiliates Chairperson.  *** Please note - In order to apply, all members of your leadership team must be current members of FIGT and in good standing.***
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Include City/State/Province (if relevant) & Country
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Explain your rationale for forming this proposed FIGT affiliate (List format is acceptable).
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Leadership plan *

Describe your leadership plan. It should address the following: a) Leadership structure b) Decision making process of the leadership c) Leadership succession plan and d) bylaws (if a legal entity is required). In addition, you should identify up to 3 individuals that would ensure succession and continuity if there is a leadership change.
Financial management plan (as needed and if relevant) *

a) If a bank account is required, Bank account control plan (who will set up the account, how will funds be monitored)
b) Activity items that would have a fee or donation component
c) In-kind support opportunities from local companies
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